The Shawanga web site was relaunched May of 2021. My father ran the hotel until 1972. We spent many hours discussing the details of these pictures. I am in the process of adding descriptions to the pictures in the gallery (just a few done so far), a page with a detailed history from my memory and what my father told me, a tour of the hotel as I remember and stories.

This site will preserve the history and memories on one of the many Catskill Mountain Hotels

Please feel free to contribute by writing to [email protected] I don’t check this email regularly, but I do look.

Site status:

May 2021 Launch
  • Partial detailed history - rest is an outline
  • Started stories page, with one placeholer story
  • Picture and info complete for intro gallery
  • 4/4 of picture info complete for Grounds
  • Working Structures album, have a lot to do
  • Home gallery photos are done except B&W aerial
  • Added info on lobby in public rooms
  • Added stories

  • June
  • Rotating pictures on main page
  • Completed ground, structuresfamily album
  • Completed structures album
  • Front office album in progress: Documents and two flyers
  • Added a community album

  • July
  • Completed front office
  • Added estimated floor plan of lobby and lower lobby
  • Added some info to guest/groups
  • completed season guests
  • completed menus
  • completed brochures

  • August
  • Completed guests album
  • Completed activities album up to Masquerade Ball
  • Added a discusion forum
  • complted adding info to all photos except the B&W aerial and Masquerade Ball
  • Fixed floor plan after seeing a photo taken from the water tower shared by a former waiter

  • October
  • Added other hotels: Morningside, Deville, Pines, Raleigh, Laurels, Granit
  • Added more after fire pictures

  • November
  • Added 2021 visit
  • Added a side view of hotel
  • Added a current sat picture with a 60's aerial superimposed

  • 2022 March
  • added some really good comunity photos
  • working on detailed history

  • April-May 2022
  • Added more history
  • Added resources page